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Leave a gift to AEC in your Islamic Will

It is the duty of a Muslim who has something which is to be given as a bequest not to have it for two nights without having his will written down regarding it.
If you wish to benefit MIC in your Islamic Will, it’s simple! You need to include the following words:
I give, free of inheritance tax, [ENTER AMOUNT] [(£xxx) to the Maidstone Islamic Centre of 20-28 Mote Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 6ES (registered charity number: 1178668) for its general charitable purposes absolutely.
Remember that Allah ta’ala ordains that up to one-third of your estate can pass to charity by way of a bequest in your Will, known as a wassiya. Such gift will continue to add to your good deeds after your demise and until your re-birth, in sha Allāh.
Your charitable donation in your Will can revolutionise the lives of the community in and around the Maidstone Islamic Centre.
If you would like to draft your Islamic Will professionally, the Maidstone Islamic Centre has teamed up with Legal Muslim to offer an initial 30 minute FREE consultation with an Islamic Wills specialist. Please contact today.


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